Gregory Brun

It all depends on how we look at things,

and not how they are in themselves

Here are gathered a series a photographic projections and re-collections of imaginings. Inspired by old stories and myths, I seek hidden-in-plain-sight characters and patterns. For me, the emergence of images in the camera chamber is, in reference to analytical psychology, a work of active imagination. Once there, the delineation between object and subject blurs. Both the photographer and what is being photographed self-consciously manifest their subjectivity: are images collected, mediated or psychologically projected?

Fall 2019 Exhibition


 Jean Gebser Society Symposium, October 10-13, Asilomar Conference Center, California

Inspired by the wine concept of Terroir, and my experience moving from Europe to the New World, I am presenting a series of images related to the sense of place. This exhibition explores the emotional and atemporal dimension stemming from a location, the (re)connection with nature and with otherness. 


Spring 2019 Exhibition


A Journey into the Underworld, McGowan House, Monterey , California

From the Ancient Greek: κατάβασις, κατά “down” and βαίνω “go”. The Katabasis is an archetypal descent of the hero into the underworld. Also, a trip from the interior of a country down to the coast (for example, following a river). The word also applies to the sinking of the sun.

These photographs are on display as part of a collaborative at the McGowan Art Center in Monterey.


“It all depends on how we look at things, and not how they are in themselves.” – CG Jung, Modern Man in Search of a Soul