I'd call you back, dear love, from the world below. I'd go down there for you.

"Abandon all hope, ye who enter here."

He dared to go down to Styx, through the gate of Taenarus

Oh that it were in my power and that I had the strength to bring you back to light from the dark of death with oars on the sunken river.

Daedalus laid out the design, and confused the clues to direction, and led the eye into a tortuous maze, by the windings of alternating paths.

Ariadne gave him the idea of unwinding a thread as he moved through the labyrinth, so that he could find his way back again.

She was among the recent ghosts, and walked haltingly from her wound.

He saw her in the dim light, and he held out his arms to clasp her; but on the instant she was gone.

They took the upward path, through the still silence, steep and dark, shadowy with dense fog, drawing near to the threshold of the upper world.